After sessions with a therapist , I felt wonderful, finally appreciated , with a huge dose of energy . Finally I had the strength to pursue my passions. - Agnieszka from Norway
I had the opportunity to attend sessions ( held on skype ) by the therapist Grazyna Lenard - Dutczak . The therapist is quickly focusing on the client and on the subject , giving me a sense that the therapist is interested in me and case which he had contributed . I would recommend a session with a therapist because she is professional , accessible , sensitive , interested in client has the knowledge and experience. She seems very open to others and she is interested in what she does and I suspect that she likes what she does! - Anita from England
GGrazyna Lenard - Dutczak it is an excellent therapist with incredible effectiveness. She is a warm and caring person. Methods of the tools she use enabled me to deal with several issues on which the healing I did not have even a hope. The problems disappeared and I have the impression that I'm a completely different and happy person . I would recommend a session with Ms. Grazyna not only for their effectiveness, but also for the experience of contact with the therapist , who cares about the client and approaches him with an open heart . - Monika from USA
I greatly admire therapist , she's so patient and calm. I would just could not . I came with fears of leaving home . After 4 sessions with Ms. Grazyna I am going shopping and picking up my son from school by myself. She helped me a lot . - Aldona from England
Grazyna is professional. I 'm a therapist . Grazyna led me WHH settings and family settings . I am very pleased with the results of this work because I really transfer them into my life . I am happy and fulfilled person. I would recommend highly sessions WHH and Family Settings with it because she has perfect knowledge , feeling and very good handling . - Henryka from Poland
I do not know how Grazyna broked my distrust . But it worked . I thought I would have to tell all the story , but my therapist was interested in only the basic but important facts . We worked with moments that were coming back to me from the past to block the present. Almost every session starts with this question - how do I feel? It was the starting point . Then I remembered the first time I clenched my heart or worked with another uncomfortable feeling from my body. For me the most important was that my psychic pain disappears as snow . Sometimes they were set in the figures. It was just a few figures on the table , but the emotions that this picture evoked were surprising and unexpected it was also a relief after settings. It took a while , but I got better. I work in accordance with my studies , I regained the personal dignity and do not look at the past as lost years but in time where I wanted desperately to emerge fully . My therapist was upon me with his delicacy and sensitivity. - Iza from Poland
Ms. Grazyna has changed rotation in my life, relationship and work. With her help I stopped being afraid to take responsibility for my life . She taught me how to be support to myself, and how to be your own best friend. - Piotr from England
I am after the second session with my therapist Grazyna. I was very neurotic person and frightened. After the first session, there was a big improvement in my behaviour. I started to control myself and be calm. I started to sleep well. After another session I had more self-esteem and my life took on colours. I would recommend this type of therapy to everybody who has similar problems to mine. - Alina from Poland