Grazyna Lenard


Depression, Fear, Adult Children of Alcoholics, Adult Children of Dysfunctional Families, Anxiety , Low self-esteem, Problems in relationships , Phobias , Traumatic events, Severe childhood experiences , No purpose in life , Aggression, Spiritual crisis, Emotional outbursts, Addiction, Solitude, Improvement in quality of life



My name is Grazyna Lenard-Dutczak. I am a certified advanced therapist. I use the WHH (Whole Hearted Healing) - Peak States method as well as methods of system settings by Bert Hellinger. I  have had a passion for personal development for over 20 years.


I invite you to take part in extremely effective therapeutic sessions remotely via Skype or at my office placed in Szczecin (Poland).


I tend to work mostly with adults who want to improve the quality of their lives, and break the chains, bad habits and destructive addictions that are holding back their lives. I give tools and support to those who want to take responsibility for their lives and become independent.


My clients are also people that will be taking part in a court trial and would like to enter the court room stress free. Throughout my years of working as a judge I saw many common problems and dilemmas associated with stress in relation to dealings with the justice system.


Benefits of remote sessions:

  •     They allow the client from all around the globe to receive help and support.
  •     Easy access - the only condition is good broadband and laptop, tablet or smart-phone with camera.


I would like to interest in a free consultation that takes about 20-30 minutes. Please feel free to contact me via the form at the bottom of the page or send me an e-mail at