Grazyna Lenard Dutczak

My name is Grazyna Lenard - Dutczak. I am a certified, advanced  Whole Heart Healing/Peak States therapist. I also practice the method of system settings by Bert Hellinger. I am a tracker of hindering beliefs and habits of life; a person supporting personal development, I aim to inspire a way of life lifeI love to invent efficient ways of leading people towards a complete, more beautiful life.


If you would like to change or improve your live I invite you to a consultation.

I have been practicing personal development for over 20 years. Many of my mentors have been sage teachers: Granta McFertridge, Bert Hellinger,  Gerhard Walper, Wolfgang Deusser, Joy Manne, Nemi Nath, Foster Perry, Colin Sisson, Vana Hofften and many more.


I feel truly blessed and grateful for their knowledge, experience and warmth that have changed my life and allowed me to help my clients.


I have completed postgraduate studies as psychological help at WSB in Poznań.  I am an attorney with over 20 years of experience in the institutions of justice, most recently as a high court judge. Therapy work  is my conscious choice and my passion.